Poster Presentation


Impact Of Infectious Pandemic Disease Is On The Future Of The International Maritime Industry "What Is After COVID 19"

The effect of COVID-19 on coastal shipping in mediterranean and black sea
  • Ismail Bilge Cetin , Donald Maier ,

A Study on Impact of International Container Vessels during and Post Pandemic
  • Dr. M. Sekar

  • Thiruvasagam Ganapathy

Identification of Maritime Education and Training Institutions (METIs) risk in pandemic restrictions
  • Yaser B.A. Farag, Osman Turan, Rafet Kurt, Amr M. Ibrahim and Dhruva Kumar

GMP Applications And Human Capacity Building In Maritime Affairs

Prediction of the Potential Human Errors Probability of Critical Safety Tasks
  • Dr Sameh Rashed and Hesham Helal

Methodological Basis for Training Cadets/Professionals and Developing the Risks Management System in Maritime Shipping and Industrial Fishery
  • Sergey Moyseenko, Leonid Meyler and Alexander Gruntov

Innovative MET Environment

Intelligent support of the user of the E-Navigation marine ergatic system based on the Information approach
  • Irina Makashina, Anatoliy Popov, Alexey Kondratiev , ,

PROMETHEAS Project - Mental Health Data Research Hub for Seafarers
  • Heikki Koivisto, Reza Ziarati, Mariusz Dramski, Tomaz Gregoric, Aris Chronopoulos and German de Melo Rodriguez

Behind the scenes – Educating to work as done or work as imagined.
  • Signe Jensen

The factors affecting the met instructors’ efficiency
  • Srđan Vujicic, Nermin Hasanspahic, Ana Gundic and Lovro Maglic

ECDIS EHO: Handling the ECDIS failure at sea
  • Miho Kristić, Srđan Žuškin, David Brčić and Maro Car ,

Comparative analysis for state-of-the-art simulation training systems those influence onto the future engineers’ knowledge and skills
  • Yurii Bohdan, Iryna Bohomolova, Anatoliy Satulov, Serhii Voloshynov and Volodymyr Savchuk

Interdisciplinary Development of Maritime Education and Training Orienting to Career Planning in the era of Artificial Intelligence
  • Srđan Vujicic, Nermin Hasanspahic, Ana Gundic and Lovro MaglicRuolan Zhang, Weifeng Xu and Lingfeng Li

Redefined Definition of the STCW Competences
  • Ana Gundić, Srđan Vujičić, Livia Maglić and Damir Zec

Towards Introducing Knowledge Management Concept to Maritime Education & Training
  • Amr M. Ibrahim, Saleh Mesbah Elkaffas and Hesham Helal

The Use of Blended Learning Approach to Improve the Students’ Academic Performance in Meteorology and Oceanography 1
  • Mary Jean De La Cruz

The evaluation of professional practice in maritime education: A case study at faculty of maritime studies in the republic of Croatia
  • Valentina Šutalo, Livia Maglić, Ana Perić Hadžić and Lovro Maglić

New Trends In Maritime Transport And Job Opportunities

Methodological aspects of maritime surveillance system cyper security analysis
  • Chavdar Alexandrov, Nedko Dimitrov and Milen Todorov

The new trend of maritime transport and job opportunities
  • Dacosta Essel , Zhihong Jin

Big Data Management in the Shipping Industry: Examining Strengths Vs Weaknesses and Highlighting Relevant Business Opportunities
  • Esslam Hassan, Dimitrios Dalaklis, Nikitas Nikitakos, Angelos Dalaklis, Dimitrios Papachristos and Georgios Vaitsos

Leadership capabilities for a maritime university in the 21st century
  • Martin Crees-Morris, Natalia Nikolova, Marcus Bowles and Kiril Tenekedjiev

The journey towards autonomous ships and the role of mariners in the future: a bibliographical perspective
  • Ivan Lyubenov Nikolov, Ilknur Colmorn, Christoph Hluchy, Rodrigo Garcia-Bernald and Ivan de Carvaho

Shipboard ECDIS: Cyber Security Challenges
  • Boris Svilicica, Sam Pecotab, Jeric Bacasdoonc, Ahmed K. Tawfik

Efficiency Of Shipping Port Management From Environmental Perspectives

Applicability of International Law in Development of Sustainable Port Policy: An Analysis of Good Practices and Future Policy of Gwadar Port
  • M Jahanzeb Butt, Khadija Zulfiqar and Yen-Chiang Chang

Renewable Energy Resources Alternatives In Maritime Industry

A triboelectric-electromagnetic hybrid generator for wave energy harvesting
  • Yawei Wang, Yan Wang, Hao Wang and Minyi Xu ,

Marine Pollution And Climate Change New Challenges

Implementation of Green concept in Blue Economy with reference to Tanker Recycling
  • Yogesh Shah

Design of structure and control system of an underwater vehicle for marine environment perception
  • Tingyu Wang, Jianhua Liu, Peng Xu, Jiaxi Zheng and Minyi Xu