Alexandria, Tuesday 26th of October, 2021

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Bibliotheca Alexandria &  its museums (Archaeological Museum/ Manuscripts Museum/Sadat Museum
Alexandria overtime Museum/ Fashion Museum/ Shady Abdel-Salam Museum)
Lunch at Palestine Hotel in Montazah

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Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The new Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA), an amazing piece of modern architecture that represents the spirit of openness of the original Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The library was opened in 2002 as a new center of learning and culture. It became now one of Egypt’s major cultural venues and a stage for numerous international performers and contains a collection of breath-taking museums.


Alexandria, Wednesday 27th of October, 2021

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The Roman Amphitheatre
Lunch at the Greek club with a view of the eastern port

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The catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa is a historical archaeological site located in Alexandria, Egypt, and is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages. The necropolis consists of a series of Alexandrian tombs, statues and archaeological objects of the Pharaonic funeral cult with Hellenistic and early Imperial Roman influences. Due to the time period, many of the features of the catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa merge Roman, Greek and Egyptian cultural points.

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Roman Amphitheatre

The Roman Amphitheatre in Alexandria is the only Roman amphitheater in Egypt, dating back to the second century AD. It was discovered by chance in 1960 by Egyptian-polish expedition in Kom el-Dekka. It was found when team of the expedition was trying to remove some remains of Napoleon's times. The theatre dates back to the 1st -2nd century BC.


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